Zen Style – Less is More

Zen Style – Less is More

The “Zen” design style represents a relatively novel and unfamiliar trend in the field of interior design, particularly among the younger generation in Vietnam. Zen is a harmonious amalgamation of Japanese aesthetics and Minimalism, yielding a minimalistic interior design style that exudes both sophistication and elegance.

In Zen style, everything is simplified with the philosophy of “less is more.” Simplicity is not only reflected in the shape and form of furniture but also in the choice of colors and materials. The Zen interior design approach places a paramount emphasis on simplicity, rendering it especially suitable for compact spaces. The principal color palette within the Zen style encompasses light, refined tones such as white, beige, sandy yellow, and gray. Walls are typically adorned with smooth, flawlessly painted surfaces or elegant wallpaper. Zen furniture epitomizes simplicity, eschewing intricate detailing, thus appealing to the discerning tastes of contemporary, minimalist-oriented young individuals.

Furthermore, the Zen design seamlessly integrates the use of accessible, natural fabrics. Familiar materials, including linen, cotton, and canvas, are often used in combination with vibrant colors and patterns coupled with double-layer fabric curtains so you can customize the brightness in the room to help you connect to create a harmonious environment between spaces.

Opting for Zen-style interior design represents the optimal choice for the majority of Vietnamese individuals. It is a more economical alternative and offers remarkable versatility, catering to spaces of all dimensions, be it personal dwellings or establishments such as restaurants, cafes, and spas.

With its simplicity, elegance, and refinement, Zen design evokes a sense of peace and serenity in living spaces. It is not just an interior design style but also a philosophy of life, a way to create balance and harmony in modern living.

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Source: NC1