OTS Company has taken an important step towards integrating flexible software development into its operations, a concept rapidly gaining traction in the IT industry worldwide.

Their new office is located in the beautiful city of Da Nang, a symbol not only to respond to registration requests and eventually lead to the emergence of new agile workgroups but also as evidence of their imminent forward-looking approach and minimal conflict.

As architects, we have to grapple with the versatility of flexibility in our language and incorporate this concept into our architectural design.

Our design includes a space divided into two main areas: a focus area and an aerial relaxation area, each bringing something special and unique. A “corridor” runs along the boundary between these two areas, serving as the main circulation path, connecting the chain of spaces with its independent functions.

The floor level of the “corridor” is raised correspondingly to the different areas to stimulate body movement. The entrance to the flexible workspace and meeting room features a one-meter-deep sidewalk, forcing individuals to pause and prepare for high focus. These architectural ideas serve as a convenient launch form, activating reasonable mindset shifts naturally yet systematically from a physical standpoint.

The “inner courtyard” and “rooftop” are primarily designed for employees to effectively free themselves from work. The diversity of materials, furnishings, lighting, and variations of sunlight create an uneven and gentle ambiance throughout the space, dividing the majority of the space into small and practical scenes, granting each user the freedom to choose their own hidden space.

The office is created from a combination of local materials with various structures – clouds, terrazzo, cement tiles – and subtly complemented by cloud-like interiors and lighting fixtures from local manufacturers.

The color palette draws inspiration from the beauty of Vietnamese nature, an indescribably captivating symbol. The organic and warm landscape is harnessed by this design, creating a unique architectural style distinct from the conventional image of office space while stimulating creativity and enhancing productivity for the office space’s users.

Source: NC1