Choose a dining table

Choose a dining table

In Vietnamese culture, the dining table is where the whole family gathers, reunites, and enjoys delicious meals together. Therefore, choosing a suitable dining table is not only based on feng shui factors but also needs to meet the practical needs of all family members.

The most common way to own this essential furniture is to choose a dining table based on style. Currently, the household market offers a wide variety of dining table designs with unique and impressive styles. Homeowners can consider the following popular shapes:

For families with fewer members (4 – 6 seats) and limited kitchen space, a round dining table is always a preferred choice. This table design helps maximize space utilization and occupies less area compared to rectangular or square dining tables. When choosing a round dining table, homeowners should also pay attention to the size to ensure it fits well with the room’s dimensions. The ideal size would leave a gap of around 1 meter behind the seating area, allowing family members to move around and interact comfortably.

Besides, from a feng shui perspective, the round shape symbolizes completeness and abundance. Absolutely, this type of dining table is suitable for all five elements in the Five Elements (Wu Xing) theory – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Therefore, homeowners can choose a round dining table to bring more luck, peace, and prosperity to their homes.

Moreover, a round dining table also creates a sense of equality among family members, fostering a strong bond and making it easier for everyone to communicate and share their thoughts.